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Welcome to the DrumMechanix Web Site

Update from Jesse Carraway aka DrumMechanix. First of all, a sincere thanks to all who have supported me over the years, it has been my pleasure getting to know many of you. As you are probably aware, I am retiring from the pedal building business but I am happy to report that I have found a very qualified person to continue on building the exact same pedals I have been building..actually he has some great ideas that may lead to even further improvements over what I do. He was already actively refurbishing Speed Kings through eBay and other sources..could even say a competitor of mine, and a perfect replacement as he is already quite knowledgeable regarding these pedals. He was serious and committed enough to fly to Colorado and spend three days with me learning my exact procedures and “secret” tricks. I could not be more impressed with his attention to detail and craftsmanship along with his enthusiasm and desire to continue finding ways to make these even better. When he returned home, he went to great expense to duplicate all the special tools and equipment that I use including the blast cabinet, powder coating, sonic cleaners and such. These are not little details in restoring these pedals…they make a very significant difference in the final result and how well they,especially the finish, holds up. I wholeheartedly endorse Vincent as my replacement. He is a really nice guy, easy to work with and has the same love of Speed Kings that many of us do. Please support him as you have me…I feel certain that you will not be disappointed. His contact information is:

Polyphonic Drums
Vincent Leef
(443) 880-5789

4714 Hollywood Rd.
College Park, MD 20740

Thanks to all,

Jesse Carraway aka DrumMechanix